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Cusp is an app designed to help you in your general dental practice. It has a really easy to use interface, a detailed database to store your patients, a scheduler to keep your appointments in sync with your Google calendar, backup and restore using Dropbox and much, much more at an affordable price.

Our goal is to provide a simple, yet powerful tool for the dentist's tablet and smartphone with free updates.


Cusp main screen

Main Screen

Patients list

Patients List



General info tab

General Info Tab

Cusp Appointments


Cusp treatment plan

Treatment Plan PDF

Cusp pricelist


Cusp perio chart

Periodontal Examination





Annual Report

Annual Report

Medical History

Medical Anamnesis

Create new appointment

Follow-up SMS reminder

Annual Report


Medical History

Orthodontic plug-in


Appointments 60'

Annual Report

Financial diagram

Backup options

Backup options

What's new

Don't forget to check for updates regularly!
First version: Cusp 1.0 was released in February 2014.

Current version: 5.0.1 (January 2024)


Patients Database

The patient's folder is organized in easy-to-browse swipable tabs: General profile info, medical anamnesis, oral examination, photos and radiographs, full odontogram, periodontal examination, payments history, treatment plans and follow-up system.

Patient data and Treatment Plan Printing

For every patient, Cusp enables you to select the sections you want to print or export to PDF. These include general info, medical history, oral examination, treatments and payments, charting and treatment plans. You can also add your business dental logo in the documents.

Appointments Organizer

Cusp uses your Google Calendar to synchronize appointments. A simple interface with shortcuts and auto-completed text helps you arrange your appointments faster.

Online Backup/Restore

Create an backup directly in your Dropbox account. With online Restore, you can transfer your data to other devices.

SMS Reminder

You can schedule a SMS reminder for your patients 1-5 days before the date of the follow-up examination. The SMS will be sent using your SIM card or via the API (internet service).

Backup & Restore

Cusp can create a backup of your data inside your device or SD card or directly to your Dropbox folder.

Treatment Procedures Catalog

A customizable list with all your treatments, prices and laboratory expenses helps you manage your practice easier. All these are linked to auto-complete text fields for easy entry in patient's treatment history.

Earnings & Expenses

Cusp keeps track of payments and remainders for each patient and calculates your monthly income, expenses and net profit. You can export to PDF/print the payments/expenses for a selected period. A special list with all pending payments is also available in the Accounting Book.

Insurance Health Plans

Easily build a list with your patients' health plans and keep track of insurance payments.

Ortho plug-in

Cusp contains a detailed Orthodontic chart as an in-app purchase. More information here.

Organize your private dental practice with an Android device. Try Cusp now!

Google Play Store  Amazon Appstore


Purchase is very simple. All you need is to login to Google Play Store and search for Cusp Dental Software. If your device doesn't have the Google Play Store installed, you can purchase Cusp from the Amazon App Store. To install the Amazon App Store app on your device, follow the instructions by Amazon (recommended), or download the apk file directly to your device (for advanced users only).
Purchase from Amazon is temporarily unavailable.

The Cloud-add-on keeps your data synchronized in the Cloud

In this way, you are able to access your files from different devices, simultaneously. The Cloud add-on is an optional upgrade which saves all your patient data in the Cloud automatically. By upgrading to Cloud edition, you won't have to worry about unsynchronized data among your devices any more. For example, a change you make to a patient record on your smartphone, will be reflected on all your other devices and vice versa. The Cloud also protects your data in case of device theft or damage. The add-on is available only in Google Play Store as a subscription. Temporarily not available in Amazon App Store.
Cloud add-on instructions


1. What are the application's minimum system requirements?

Cusp operates on smartphones and tablets with the following minimum requirements:

  • Android OS version 5.0 or newer
  • An Android mobile device or a PC/Mac with BlueStacks or other Android emulator (Nox, Genymotion etc.) installed.
  • Minimum 4 inch screen size
  • For the SMS Reminder, the device should contain a valid SIM card (2G or higher) with telephony capabilities. Please note that some tablets utilize the SIM card only for Internet access. In this case, the SMS functions of Cusp will work using the API internet service.
  • A calendar, such as Google Calendar (get it from Google Play Store)
  • Not compatible with iPhone and iPad.

2. Will I lose my data if my device stops working or lost?

In Cusp Cloud edition, your data are automatically stored both in the Cloud and in your device. In this way they are safe in case of device theft or damage.

Cusp Standard edition allows you to create an online backup of your data in your private Dropbox folder. In case your device is not accessible anymore, you can restore your data on another device using the Cusp Online Backup/Restore menu. Google Play Store will allow you to download and install Cusp on the new device without paying again. It is highly recommended that you create a backup in Dropbox everyday, to keep your data safe and up-to-date.

3. I cannot purchase Cusp. Why Google Play Store is not accepting my card?

Click here to see the possible solutions.

4. Can I install Cusp on more than one device without paying?

Yes, you can install Cusp on all your devices using the same Google account, at no additional cost. Google Play allows multiple re-installations without paying. To do this, click here and follow the instructions. Please note that your Google account needs some minutes to hours to refresh your purchase on all your devices. After this period, you will be able to install the app at no cost. Video on youtube:

5. What languages are supported?

Cusp contains translations for English, Français, Русский, Español, Deutsch, Português, Română, Italiano, Türkçe, Ελληνικά, Hebrew, বাংলা and العربية . The application detects the language setting of your device and automatically applies the correct translation. If your device does not support one of the languages above, then in order to use Cusp in your preferred language you must install an app that allows your device to change language, such as SetLanguage.

6. How are my appointments synchronized with my Google calendar?

To keep your appointments synchronized with your Google calendar, go to Cusp Main Screen Settings and select your desirable Google account to sync with the appointments. Your calendar will automatically be synced with the Cusp Appointments on all your devices every time you add or edit an appointment in Cusp. This synchronization is done via Google Calendar service and it takes some seconds to minutes to complete. So, for example, if you create a new appointment on one of your two devices, the appointment will become visible on the other device after some minutes. Watch the video on YouTube:

In case you have changed your gmail password, you must sign-in with your new password in all your other devices, otherwise the synchronization of the Calendar will not work.

7. If I install Cusp on more than one device, are my data synchronized automatically among them?

In Cusp Cloud edition, yes, they are.

In Cusp Standard edition, they are not. But you can keep an online backup of your patients using online Backup/Restore. Then your data can be downloaded manually to your other devices. You can also watch instructions on YouTube:

8. What do I need to enable printing in a Wi-Fi printer?

Your device must have the Printing Service. The Printing option in found your device's "Settings". To install a printer on your Android device, go to your device's menu: Settings---Printing---Add Service.

9. I want to add new appointments to my Google Calendar from my computer or other device. Will Cusp see these?

If you want your Google Calendar appointments be shown in Cusp, write the word "CUSP" in the "Event Location" field when you create a new event using Google Calendar.

10. My appointments are saved in wrong hours. How can I fix this?

Cusp uses your Google Calendar and your Time Zone settings in order to properly save and display your appointments. Please make sure that your device's "Date & Time" is set to Automatic Date and Time and Automatic Time Zone and that you use the Network provided date & time. Also, in your Google Calendar "General" settings, you must switch ON the Use device time zone option. If you change your gmail password, you must sign-in with your new password in all your other devices, otherwise the synchronization of the Calendar will not work.

11. What is the initial password to login?

The password is 0000. You can change it from the Settings on Cusp Main Screen.

12. Can I create a backup in my external SD card?

The Backup and Restore menu is located in Cusp settings menu, Advanced. It may not be functional depending on your device and Android version. Depending on your device's brand, model and Android version, Cusp will try to detect the SD card and export a backup of your data there. Exporting to SD cards may not be possible for every device. Please, always check if the backup files are successfully saved in your SD card using your device File Explorer, after the backup is complete.

13. Can I create a backup in a USB flash drive?

Yes, if your Android device supports USB OTG (on-the-go). The Backup and Restore menu is located in Cusp settings menu, Advanced. It may not be functional depending on your device and Android version.

14. Can I install Cusp on my Windows PC/Mac?

Although Cusp is designed for real Android devices, you can also download and install it on your PC/laptop using the BlueStacks emulator or other Android emulator for PC (Nox, Genymotion etc.). BlueStacks contains Play Store where you can install the demo version of Cusp, or purchase the full version.

15. Cusp Cloud add-on - Important things to know.

  • The Cloud add-on is an optional feature. If you don't want to add it, Cusp will continue to operate as usual, with regular updates.
  • The Dropbox online data restoration is deactivated in Cusp Cloud edition. The photos and radiographs of the patients are not synced automatically, you must upload every file manually.
  • The billing is monthly.
  • You can cancel the subscription any time. When you cancel a subscription you will still have access to your subscription for the remainder of time you have already paid for. Get more information and instructions here.
  • If your Cloud add-on subscription is canceled or terminated, we will retain your data stored on the server for 12 months. If you do not reactivate your subscription within 12 months of the interruption or termination of your subscription, your data will be permanently deleted from the storage on the server. The Cusp application contains the "Forced update data in server" method which allows the data on your device to be resent to the server in case you want to obtain a new subscription after the 12 months have elapsed. Data synchronization in this case will be gradual and slow, depending on the number of your stored patients.
  • 16. I have problems connecting with Dropbox.

    Option 1. Uninstall (remove completely) the Dropbox app from your device. Retry to connect. When connection succeeds, you may re-install the Dropbox app.

    Option 2. Disconnect the Cusp app from your connected apps found in your Dropbox account. Then retry to connect.

    17. During online Backup/Restore in Dropbox, the connection fails.

    Please check your Internet connection and the device power/battery Settings. Some devices will turn-off the Wi-Fi in order to save power.

    18. In Cusp Cloud edition, the sign-in with Google account fails.

    Things to check:

    1. Your WiFi Internet connection. Try to reboot your router, or connect to a data mobile network via your SIM card.

    2. Is there a firewall or antivirus software blocking the connection?

    3. In Cusp, open the Cloud Control Panel screen, go to options (upper right corner) and select to force Google sign-in. Then close Cusp using the Back button of your device app and re-open it.


  • How can I request the deletion of my data and/or account from the server?
  • At any time, you can request the deletion of your data stored on the server. To do this, open the Cloud add-on screen by tapping the blue cloud button at the bottom of the app's main screen. Open the settings and tap on the option called " Data deletion". This action will send your request to us and then we can proceed to permanently delete your stored data. Alternatively you can request the deletion of your data by sending an email to including your Cloud user id (sid) and the sentence: "Request to delete my data".


    If you want to share your ideas for improvements, send a message to the Facebook page.

    If you need support, use the Feedback option from inside the app. We are constantly working to improve Cusp!