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iSoundCam is a camera application with a sound-detection mode. The image-capture can be triggered by a loud noise, such as hand claps, finger snaps, voice etc. Features:
  • Any loud sound will force the camera to take a picture or start recording.
  • Image resolution selection.
  • Loudness-sensitivity selection.
  • Sound duration selection.
  • Countdown timer. Sets a timer before it takes a photo or starts recording video.
  • Repeat mode. Takes multiple photos automatically, one after the other.
  • Video recording pause and restart, can take photos while video recording.
  • Set video file duration in seconds.
  • Flash modes: Auto, ON, OFF and Torch.
  • Fake flash mode, using the screen light. Ideal for selfies if your phone does not have a flash for the front camera.
  • Support both cameras of the device, front and back.
  • Screenshots

    main screen

    Main Screen






    Touch on the screen: Focus function.
    Device volume key up: Zoom in.
    Device volume key down: Zoom out.
    To activate the sound detection, touch the "ear" button. The app will automatically take a photo, or start recording video, when it detects a loud noise.
    Repeat mode xN: The app takes N number of photos, one after the other.
    Countdown function: Set a timer before the app starts recording.
    The detected sound level (loudness) is displayed in the upper left corner in red colour, when the "ear" button is pressed. Adjustments of the sensitivity level can be made: a specific loudness range can be defined to activate the camera.
    You can also set an acceptable duration (milliseconds) of the detected noise: Shorter noises will activate the camera, while longer noises will be ignored.
    When using the video recording function, the default duration of the recorded video file is 10 seconds. You can change this duration of the video according to your needs.
    After a video file is recorded, the video recording function will automatically restart when a new sound will be detected, thus creating new video files.


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    Privacy policy

    iSoundCam requires the following permissions:
  • Camera permission is required to enable photo and video recording.
  • Storage read/write permission is required to save the files (photos and video).
  • Microphone permission is required to record video with audio.
  • We do not collect any kind of information, private or not.