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iSoundCam is a camera application with a sound-detection mode. The image-capture can be triggered by a loud noise, such as hand claps, finger snaps, voice etc. Features:
  • Any loud sound will force the camera to take a picture or start recording.
  • Image resolution selection.
  • Loudness-sensitivity selection.
  • Sound duration selection.
  • Countdown timer. Sets a timer before it takes a photo or starts recording video.
  • Repeat mode. Takes multiple photos automatically, one after the other.
  • Video recording pause and restart, can take photos while video recording.
  • Flash modes: Auto, ON, OFF and Torch.
  • Fake flash mode, using the screen light. Ideal for selfies if your phone does not have a flash for the front camera.
  • Support both cameras of the device, front and back.
  • Screenshots

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    Main Screen





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    Privacy policy

    iSoundCam requires the following permissions:
  • Camera permission is required to enable photo and video recording.
  • Storage read/write permission is required to save the files (photos and video).
  • Microphone permission is required to record video with audio.
  • We do not collect any kind of information, private or not.